About Kssm

KSSM & Co, A Team of Disciplined & Committed Professionals

We, KSSM & Co are group of disciplined chartered accountants and professional who are engaged in rendering high level of professional services. At KSSM & Co, we believe in high quality services delivered at high speed and we strive very hard to hold all our commitments.

Our team carries a vast experience which includes exposure to best Indian reporting & compliance climate as well as exposure to world’s few best professional practices & policies. We strive to replicate such experience in all our services so that our services are of world’s standard. Globalization, changing business priority and access to real-time information is primarily changing the way organizations do the business. In the globally competitive world we help our clients to meet the challenge in business practices by providing consulting in all area. To serve our clients better especially at the international level and standard.

We believe that we are not prefect and we commit mistakes, after committing them we accept and improve ourself. Accordingly, we stringently follow Japanese concept of Kaizen and for us work always include improvement so that we can add value to our clients at same prices. We follow Kaizen to attain client’s satisfaction.

We pay attention to every detail & strive to provide advisory services which encircle all possible simulations & curve-out best recommendation to the client. We follow zero-tolerance for compliance services and we ensure 100% compliance

We always endeavor to provide our services which are highly competitive in terms of prices and are second to none in terms of quality. Our Services are customized to each individual customer, ensuring quality service delivery, monetary value, eminence and reliability.

The philosophy that we follow is very simple & well-instilled in us i.e.

Contribute to the Clients by Supporting them in accounting & compliance so that they can rely on us & can focus on their business domain without getting worried about such support functions