Accounting Advisory

Book Keeping Services:

  • Keeping a record of of all transactions
  • Managing Accounts Payable (AP)(Vendor Bills and Payments) and Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Managing document electronically on behalf of our clients
  • Management of Fixed Assets and Inventory records
  • Preparation of Reconciliation like Bank reconciliation and AP/AR reconciliation


Advisory Services :

  • Ensuring all revenue and expenses during the period has been recorded properly
  • Fixed asset management and Reconciliation with records as per books of accounts
  • Preparation of management information reports (MIS) as per desired format


Virtual Chief Financial Officer support services

  • Budgets and Forecasting
  • Cash Flow Management and Key performance indicators
  • Analysis of Revenue and expenditure periodically and extract useful information’s for management.
  • Preparation and reporting of monthly strategic report – a report which is usefull for top and middle management for planning and implementation of its strategies to achieve the objective of the company.


Accounting System & System support services

  • Support in selection and Implementation of Accounting Software
  • Services for Data Entry for the transactions
  • support in management for payroll , time sheet , vendor management and order management
  • Accounting System Training to the client’s staff
  • Support in migration of one accounting system to another
  • Support for ERP Implementation


Payroll Services we offer

  • Preparation of salary report as per client specifications and compliance of legal requirement of Indian statue
  • Maintenance of Individual personal HR records of employees
  • Payroll master file is set up in payroll data base
  • Maintenance of leave records
  • Preparation of the company’s monthly salary slips in accordance with data received from the company
  • Calculation of TDS of employees as per provisions of Income Tax Act of India .


MIS & ERP Implementation

  • Management Information System (MIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools are used to integrate information flow within an organization to help people across the organization access information from any workstation. Our systems are designed after the analysis of the client requirement, the nature of data flow, organization structure and the usage level of the client. Our prime motto is to provide a service in which Just at a click of a button everyone can easily retrieve information provided and the data cannot be duplicated. We also take the responsibility of protecting the confidential data from unauthorized users. Moreover, our organization also performs a task of how similar data elements are gathered and classified under a single information sheet.

    To deliver effective results we have a team of professionals who work on the site of implementation in close coordination with the organizational staff. A cost-benefit analysis of the proposed system is provided to the client to help him take a final decision.